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  /  Best Online Casino   /  Online Casinos Vs. Physical Casinos – What Are The Main Differences? ⋆ The Costa Rica News|Online Casinos Vs. Physical Casinos – What Are The Main Differences

Online Casinos Vs. Physical Casinos – What Are The Main Differences? ⋆ The Costa Rica News|Online Casinos Vs. Physical Casinos – What Are The Main Differences

Online casinos vs. Physical Casinos – What are the Main Differences? ⋆ The Costa Rica News|Online casinos vs. Physical Casinos – What are the Main Differences

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Online casinos vs. Physical Casinos – What are the Main Differences?

The choice between an online casino and a local casino is just like the choice between TV and cinema. Both media are – despite obvious differences – highly compatible and complement each other. Online casinos are well positioned in the long run due to their steadily growing popularity. Land-based casino operators can no longer be sure because the transition from one to the other online leads to profound changes. However, these are probably the future of the gambling business.

We have highlighted the major difference between online casinos and the land-based casinos below:

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1. Economy

Undeniably, the online gambling sphere is getting bigger and better in terms of size and quality. This form of gambling already generates revenues of €13bn (15% of the European gambling market) and brings a much higher revenue. As per Statista, one of the leading statistics portals for marketing data, the size of the online gambling market would amount €52.98 billion in 2018. After all, people continue to adopt modern technologies as online leisure activities.

2. Availability

Online casino is much more accessible than the physical counterpart. There, the seats are often scarce and the pace can be overly hectic. This is absolutely impossible with online casinos: No hurry guidelines, no gaming restrictions, fewer distractions and instant access during the day or night. As well, physical casinos are often associated with a class-perception where only the rich are allowed.

The expectations of modern players are high. A new generation of gambling fans likes to be approached by the casino instead of turning to them for themselves. The fact that Las Vegas is still almost unattainable unless taking a specific trip to go there, it should come as no surprise that with poor local accessibility, it’s a huge loss for both parties: fans and casino owners. Online operators cover that issue as there is enough space for players on the virtual blackjack table. Plus, you have all the time in the world to try every slot machine, avoiding long queues. To win a jackpot while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere – if only that was possible in real casinos…

3. Low Operating Expenses

The vast majority of physical casinos are faced with three huge expenses: royalties, start-up and software expenses, to that you should add the costs of the premises. The importance of carefully selected software cannot be overestimated. It supports the management of all operational activity, including general website activity, payment processing, and account management and marketing campaigns.

Online casino businesses need a minimal start-up cost in comparison to opening any physical business. Maintenance fees are also curtailed to the bare minimum, and software can be sourced in two ways: from scratch or from leading vendors who can provide turnkey casinos.

Having low overheads is quite common and understandable in online casino projects. Finally, online casino platforms offer game content including a management system. Land-based casinos tend to have higher operating expenses as there is no choice but to employ dealers and employees, buy gaming tables and install gaming machines, buy an entire building to pick up and integrate missing casino elements. Not to mention bar/restaurant and sometimes hotel area management.

4. Fast promotion and tracking features

It takes a lot of time to market a new brick and mortar casino. Building a reputation is one thing; retention is a completely different one. Also, offline businesses are barely able to follow the stream of digital information: they are limited to tracking the audience’s gaming activity (and revenue), limiting traffic forecasting and measuring public participation.

In terms of communication, promotion and tracking capabilities, online casinos are way ahead of their physical counterparts. Their advanced nature and use of any new digital technology is already an established fact. Online businesses are not only able to segment their gaming audience with a precise idea of ​​the process, but also offer targeted promotion and treatment of their regular players with bonus incentives. Countless retention tools and loyalty programs are also available to online casino owners.

5. Free Spins

Imagine playing 3D games for free? From a player’s perspective, this is very tempting. From the perspective of a casino owner: Random customer eventually becomes a regular player, which is also a sign of a bright future. Online casinos allow free spins for newcomers. Thus, you have a room for demo exercises before playing for real money. Land-based casinos do not offer free games as such.

6. Mobile-friendly zone

Mixing desktop and stand-alone mobile casino games is a great choice for optimization. Local casinos face barriers when it comes to integrating technology: mobile platform support or tablet solutions cannot be implemented immediately.

7. No dress code

Participating in an online casino requires no up dressing and the participant is not subject to any snobbery judgment or critically judged by other players. Customers can wear whatever they want, according to their wishes. There is no need for any dress code in casinos. All in all, the search for the right tuxedo has no place when gambling online.

8. Options for multiple currencies

Unlike a land-based casino, online casinos welcome multiple currencies. It is thus possible to avoid currency conversion fees and to buy

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